Small Works Exhibit at the Glen Arbor Arts Center

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    The Glen Arbor Arts Center’s 2021 Small Works Holiday Exhibition is an annual showcase of 2D and 3D work that offers small, original art at affordable prices, $150 or less. The exhibition takes place from November 5th to December 16th, and features the work of 19 artists working in mixed media, collage, paper, painting, glass, wood, pastel, clay, charcoal, watercolor, and digital imagery.

    The 2021 Small Works exhibitors are Sarah Bearup-Neal, Nik Burhart, Cybil Cavalieri, Ann Cibulskis, Carole Donaldson, Lauren Everett Finn, Eleonora Hayes, Autumn Kirby, Steve Kostyshyn, Julie Kradel, Jessica Livingston, Alice Moss, Chris Nettleton, Steve Pucelik, Joan Richmond, Pam Spicer, Kimberly Stoney, James Veenstra, and Theresa Youngman.