Pit Spitters "Cork Dorks" Night

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    Fans of the Traverse City Pit Spitters know that the team has embraced Northern Michigan living since the team’s inception before the 2019 season. The Pit Spitters love Traverse City and all of the unique things that make this region such an iconic place to live, work and play. Now the team is taking our love for the region to the next step by and changing the team's name for one special night! The Pit Spitters are adopting the name as a salute to the Traverse Wine Coast. A Cork Dork is an affectionate term for a wine enthusiast.The Pit Spitters have partnered with Bonobo Winery for this one-of-a-kind night.

    The Cork Dorks jersey features "TC Cork Dorks" across the front chest with the “T” designed as a corkscrew connecting to the “C” in “Cork Dorks” forming a subtle “TC,” which is a shorthand name for Traverse City. The jersey's sleeve patch also has a corkscrew with the handle representing the Upper Peninsula and the corkscrew connecting to the Lower Peninsular pinpointing the Traverse City area. Cork Dorks jerseys, caps and t-shirts, are on sale now exclusively at PitSpitters.com and fans are encouraged to share their Cork Dorks pride on social media using the hashtag #CorkedUp.