Pack Walk at The Village

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    Ready to take your dog on the best walk ever? Contigo Dogs is excited to announce our first pack walk at The Village. Dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages are welcome. Tickets ar valid for up to 2 people and one dog. One dog per household/ handler only.


    • 4pm Check In at the Contigo Dogs Store (get an exclusive discount to shop your last minute essentials, ie treats, poop bags, etc)
    • 4:30 Begin 15 training session on the Historical Lawn
    • 4:45 Walk around campus for 20-30minutes

    Rules: in order to keep all pets safe we ask you follow our guidelines, failure to do so can result in canceling o future events.

    1. All dogs must be leashed, AT ALL TIMES.
    2. Leashes cannot be retractable and cannot be longer than 6ft.
    3. Pick up after your pet.
    4. All dogs must be up to date on vaccines, unless medical exemption is available.
    5. Probably the most important rule: no dogs are to interact on leash. No on leash greetings of any kind are allowed. Due to the fact that not all dogs are friendly or want other pups in their face we ask that you give other walkers space. By keeping dogs away from each other we can keep everyone safe and work on our social skills too.


    Things to bring:

    • water (for you and your pups)
    • treats so we can work on training and helping our pups navigate big emotions.
    • poop bags

    We are so excited to be able to host this event. This will be a great opportunity for you to work with your dog in a safe environment, which means the perfect chance to practice manners, address reactivity and introduce calm/ neutral interactions with humans/ pups. You’ll be able to walk further away from the pack or give yourself a break at any time throughout the event. Muzzled pets are welcomed too (because dogs that wear muzzles are still good dogs). If you have any questions feel free to email us at . For more updates on the event and more follow us on Instagram @contigodogs .