Oyster Social


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    Prime season for oyster-eating is early winter as the oysters respond to the cooling temperatures by bulking up. They begin to build glycogen that adds a scrumptious wave of sugar and fat. North America is in the midst of an oyster renaissance so we want to seize the day by returning the “Oyster Social” to our tasting room.

    The oysters

    With oysters it’s all about their sense of place that is their brand (same with wine). All they do is sit and eat.  Each oyster can filter anything from one to six liters of water an hour: a feat broadly compared to a human working his or her way through the contents of a large swimming pool each day. Unsurprisingly, oyster flesh is one of the sea’s tenderest morsels.

    The wines

    Dry white wine of high acidity, light body, and moderate alcohol which has seen little or no-oak. Certainly not a time to uncork a red wine because the briny shellfish magnify tannin and bitterness. Oyster and wine make a synergistic match because the wine reduces the overpowering saltiness of the oyster and the oyster dulls the strikingly aggressive acidity of the wines