Outdoor Gallery Panel Auction at Glen Arbor Arts Center

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    All five panels from the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s inaugural Outdoor Gallery exhibition are now available for acquisition. The Glen Arbor Arts Center is holding an online auction from April 28th - April 30th. The five-foot square artworks are reproductions of original, acrylic paintings by Empire artist, Mark Mehaffey, winner of the 2020 Outdoor Gallery competition.

    There are two options for purchasing the panels:

    • Buy-it-now: The buy-it-now option guarantees that you will own the artwork. The buy-it-now price is $900 per panel
    • Bid: Bidding begins at a minimum of $600 per panel

    The panels are lightweight aluminum, finished with a weather-resistant coating. They now hang on the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s exterior walls, and may be viewed at any time. Proceeds from the auction benefit the Glen Arbor Arts Center’s Outdoor Gallery project.