Oliver Art Center Participates in Worldwide Public Art Exhibition “Terrain Biennial”

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    The Oliver Art Center is pleased to be part of the international art exhibition “Terrain Biennial 2023”, hosting an original sculpture installment by Manistee artist Nat Rosales.  Nat’s work, The Echo Effect will be on display on the grounds of the Oliver Art Center from October 1 through November 15.

    Terrain Biennial is a grassroots public art festival that began in Oak Park, Illinois in 2013 and has since spread across the Midwest, throughout the United States and overseas. Artists and curators collaborate with host sites to produce public art installations (think sculptures, paintings, projections, flags and more) which are then displayed outside homes, art centers and businesses 24/7 for anyone in the community to discover. 

    This year, artists responded to the theme Mycelium Connection to honor and expand the Terrain Exhibitions mission of making unexpected, yet vital human and environmental connections among communities. Mycelium is a thriving underground network of fungal threads, vital to many natural ecosystems. It is often striking in its visual manifestation, easily visible and markedly contrasting with the setting in which it grows but is ultimately a harmonious part of the overall ecosystem.

    The artwork located at the Oliver Art Center is one of more than 200 Terrain Biennial projects worldwide. Tamara Hoffbauer, executive director of the Oliver Art Center shared. “We are so excited to be a part of this international public art project, which makes art accessible to communities across the globe. It is a valuable project that supports artists on a local and international level while creating unique opportunities to view art in our individual communities.

    We are thrilled to be hosting Nat Rosales’ work here on our grounds and hope this might be the spark that ignites a larger commitment to public art and sculpture in Frankfort and Benzie County.”