NWS Presents an Evening with Barbara McQuade


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    Supported by Bob Giles “Truth Matters” Author Conversations

    America is under attack and the weapon is disinformation. So says Barbara McQuaid, a legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC, a former U.S. District Attorney of Eastern Michigan, and a University of Michigan law professor.
    In her new book "Attack from Within" (publishes Feb. 24, 2024), she breaks down the ways disinformation has become a tool to drive voters to extremes, disempower our legal structures, and consolidate power in the hands of the few. She also shows us how to identify the ways disinformation is seeping into all facets of our society and how we can fight against it. The book includes:
    The authoritarian playbook: a brief history of disinformation from Mussolini and Hitler to Bolsonaro and Trump, chronicles how authoritarians have used disinformation to seize and retain power.
    Disinformation tactics—like demonizing the other, seducing with nostalgia, silencing critics, muzzling the media, condemning the courts; stoking violence—and reasons why they work.
    An explanation of why America is particularly vulnerable to disinformation and how it exploits our First Amendment Freedoms, sparks threats and violence, and destabilizes social structures.
    Real, accessible solutions for countering disinformation and maintaining the rule of law such as making domestic terrorism a federal crime, increasing media literacy in schools, criminalizing doxxing, and much more.
    Disinformation is designed to evoke a strong emotional response to push us toward more extreme views, unable to find common ground with others. The false claims that led to the breathtaking attack on our Capitol in 2020 may have been only a dress rehearsal. "Attack from Within" shows us how to prevent it from happening again, thus preserving our country’s hard-won democracy.

    You’re invited to attend either live stream or in-person at the City Opera House, 106 E. Front Street, Traverse City, Michigan. Doors open at 6 p.m. with live music and a cash bar. Event starts at 7 p.m. Signed books will be available for purchase and discounted 20 percent. Barbara will personalize after the stage conversation.
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