National Writers Series Summer Book Club With Tanya Crosby

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    Crosby’s latest work of fiction is a masterpiece that speaks straight to the heart. A veteran novelist, Tanya Anne Crosby has penned over thirty books in eight languages—from women’s literature and historical romance to fantasy and suspense. Throughout the years, her untameable heroines have been led by passion, self-discovery, and determination. Her latest book, Everyday Lies, traces the life of Gillian Frazer. With a failed marriage and a stagnant job, Gillian often nurses her wounds with alcohol. When she gets the call that her grandmother, the woman who raised her, has had a stroke, she sets off on an unforgettable journey. This latest work from Crosby is an honest, unflinching, and resonant reflection on the everyday lies we tell ourselves and the power within each of us to find truth.