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Michigander Bicycle Tour

  • TART Trails
  • PO Box 27187
  • Lansing, MI 48906, MI 48909
  • Admission: $125-$525
Maps & Directions

The Michigander Bicycle Tour combines beautiful trails, Great Lakes beaches, lighthouses, rivers, virgin white pines, and a healthy serving of brewpubs. This event is open to all participants, regardless of skill level or age.

Cyclists have three tour options; 2-Day Tour, 6-Day Tour or 8-day Tour (which combines both the 2-Day and 6-Day tours). Routes are mostly paved with a jaunt on crushed limestone, and on occasion short jaunts on dirt roads. The 2-Day Michigander is designed to be a casual, easy ride up to 30-35 miles each day. It starts and finishes in the same town, so those that prefer a shorter ride can simply turn back at any time. The 6-Day Tour moves upwards of 50-60 miles a day and moves from town to town. Those that do the 8-Day Tour often consider the 2-Day Tour as a good warm up to the 6-Day Tour.

Michigander Bicycle Tour