Joshua Davis at the City Opera House

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    Over the past 20 years, Michigan-based Davis has honed an impressive range of skills - songwriter, band leader, guitarist, and vocalist among them - in the most honest possible fashion: night after night, song after song, show after show, Davis simply delivers every performance as though his life depends on it. Investing himself in the American musical diaspora, he has explored the common thread connecting folk, blues, jazz, ragtime, and country forms - discovering his personal perspective as a composer in the process.

    Since his appearance as a finalist on Season 8 of NBC's The Voice, Davis have been churning out an album a year and is currently touring in support of "Live From The Robin." His first solo effort captures his essence in a way that pares his songs down to their emotional, musical, and lyrical roots. Recorded over the span of two nights, this documents a raw and revealing glimpse of an artist who has his finger on the pulse of a culture, a culture that lives, loves, laughs, cries, mourns, and heals.