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Jamaican Dinner at Aerie Restaurant & Lounge

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Join us Saturday, October 7 as we celebrate our staff and friends from Jamaica. Each year staff members join us from Jamaica, helping to fill positions in almost every department in the Resort. They are an integral part of our staff with many Jamaican team members returning to the Resort year after year. This year we are celebrating their contribution and home country with a very special event.

For one night only Aerie Restaurant will feature all the flavors of Jamaica in a custom menu created and prepared by three Jamaican members of our staff. The three chefs, Kimberly Peddie, Lisa Lawrence, and Rose Henry, will prepare authentic Jamaican dishes that are, as they put it, “seasoned to the bone,” a reflection of how Jamaican fare is robustly seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. Specialty Jamaican cocktails and beverages will be available for sale.

Call 231-534-6800 for reservations.

Jamaican Dinner at Aerie Restaurant & Lounge