Interlochen’s Sustainability & Nature Lecture and Cooking Series-Honey Bees in Mystic Traditions

  • Dates: August 16, 2023
  • Location: Interlochen Center for the Arts
  • 4000 J. Maddy Pkwy
  • Interlochen, MI 49643
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Price: Sustainability & Nature Lectures are $20, while our food-based programs require a $40 registration fee. All events in this series require preregistration.

All events are subject to change without notice. Please check the event website for the most updated information.

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    Honey Bees in Mystic Traditions

    Throughout history, cultures all over the world have honored bees in their spiritual tradition. It is believed that connecting with bees on a spiritual level develops a deeper relationship with Self, the Little Sisters (the bees), Spirit, and Gaia (Mother Earth). Learn about the mystic history of the bees, including an activity to help you personally connect to the energy of the hive.  

    About the Presenters:              
    Jackie Rushton is a natural teacher whose experience spans four decades. She has been devoted to the bees for more than twenty years, and trains women to care for the bees in a gentle and wise woman way, weaving the practical with the mystical. This approach centers on the needs of the bees, co-creating a sacred space for all to thrive.                

    Janna Urbasic - Beekeeper                

    Jon Willow takes a stewardship approach to keeping her bees healthy and thriving. She and her partner, Janna, are Interlochen's beekeepers. Together, they teach courses for NMC's Northern Naturalist certificate program and lead classes and workshops at Interlochen's Sustainability Center. Janna has been a northern Michigan beekeeper for seven years and enjoys being an active member of the beekeeping community. She offers beekeeping classes through NMC’s extended education program. She also teaches in the summer lecture series at Interlochen Center for the Arts R. B. Annis Botanical Lab and Community Garden and is the co-beekeeper at their educational apiary. She is a lifelong learner and treasures her greatest mentors—the bees!