Ice Wine Festival at Chateau Chantal

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    Building on 25 years of ice wine making and hospitality expertise, Chateau Chantal will host its second Ice Wine Festival from 11:00 AM on January 25th to 5:00 PM on January 27th.

    All weekend long, you can enjoy tastes of these exclusive wines made from frozen grapes. Learn what makes a true Ice Wine and educate your friends while you enjoy special activities. Friday night is our Member's Only VIP reception. On Saturday, be edutained at the ice wine micro-sessions "Frost bitten, frozen, and freakin' cold fruit!" with our special guest The Wine Counselor Michael Schafer, Esq. "He tastes bad wine so you don't have to!" Follow the path of the frozen grape in our cellar where Ice Wine is made. On Saturday night, sit down to our 2nd Annual Fire and Ice Wine dinner! This festival is guaranteed to warm your soul on a chilly weekend.