Glen Arbor Art Center Exhibitions: Power Tools and Art In A Time of Coronavirus

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    The Glen Arbor Arts Center (GAAC) explores the upheaval that characterizes contemporary times in two, new exhibitions beginning on Friday, September 11th.

    Power Tools is a multifaceted, juried exhibition built on the belief that the arts provide us with powerful tools of expression. These power tools offer creative ways to comment, critique, examine, and explore all manners of issues, and offer ways to begin negotiating a range of ideas, both new and old, familiar or foreign. The work of 17 artists from Michigan, Wisconsin and Oregon will be exhibited. Power Tools may be viewed in the GAAC gallery and online. To view this exhibit online, go to our website and click on Exhibits. Works from the Power Tools exhibition are available to purchase. To purchase art, go to our website and click on Shop in the upper right hand corner.

    Art In A Time Of Coronavirus is an exhibition of 97 hand-built postcards (4” x 6”) that present the maker’s personal response to the coronavirus pandemic. Postcards were created from paper, polymer clay, fabric, and recycled and mixed media materials by 33 people living in Michigan, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Washington. Postcards will be exhibited in tandem with the in gallery exhibition of Power Tools. Most of the postcards are available for purchase and are priced at $30.

    Both exhibitions run through Thursday, November 5th.