Fishes of Lake Michigan

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    Have you ever wondered what fish species live in the Great Lakes? Are you curious how researchers collect and identify the fish that live here? Do you want to touch or hold a real fish? This two-hour program will introduce you to the fish that thrive in Lake Michigan. 

    During this sail, you’ll help deploy real scientific equipment to collect fish from the bay and play the role of a citizen scientist by identifying and documenting the fish that are caught. All of our fish counts are reported to the Michigan DNR, so you’ll be making a real contribution to fish species monitoring. We’ll also bring along a community fish expert to answer any of your fish-related questions. You’ll also have the opportunity to play the role of schooner sailor as you help raise the anchor, hoist the sails, and steer the ship.

    This program is appropriate for learners of all ages, so bring along your family and friends. We’re sure everyone will learn something new and feel more connected to the Great Lakes.

     To purchase tickets, please click here or call (231) 237-4010.