Fiber Without Borders: Contemporary Fiber Art 1960 to Present

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    The Glen Arbor Arts Center takes a short look back and a long look forward, at contemporary fiber and textile arts today. This visual survey is part of the Glen Arbor Art Center’s exhibition Fiber Without Borders. Sarah Bearup-Neal, gallery manager and studio fiber artist, will facilitate the program.

    In the late 1960s the Museum of Modern Art broke new ground with Wall Hangings, the first major museum exhibition focused on the work of 28 artist working in fiber and textile materials. In the subsequent decades, the fiber arts have taken a great leap forward to become one of the most expressive, versatile media in the contemporary art world. No longer viewed in purely functional and domestic terms, the fiber arts have continued to push definitions, materials and techniques in the last 60 years. The medium easily crosses old boundaries – moving from the home front to comment and reflect on social changes, politics, feminist issues, as well as the dividing line between art and craft.

    Fiber Without Borders continues through November 7. For more information, please click here.