Creative Paper Cutting Workshop

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    In this full day workshop, you will create your own intricate paper-cut design from start to finish, learn about the tools and techniques of design, and visit the exhibition Pulped Under Pressure to see paper art firsthand. Artist Reni Gower will lead you through each step of the process and offer some tips and tricks along the way. Bring your own materials or use those provided by the NMC Art Department. Paper will be provided.

    Complimentary soup and salad will be provided for lunch.

    Workshop tickets are available online here, or call the Dennos Museum Center at (231) 995-1055 during our regular business hours. 

    Materials List:

    • 1 Snap blade or x-acto knife
    • 1 24" ruler/straight edge
    • Pencil and eraser
    • Compass (optional)
    • Cutting surface (self healing mat or corrugated cardboard)
    • Masking tape / painters tape
    • Scissors