Chef Lady Classics: DETROIT PIZZA


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    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.....Everyone who has taken this class tells me that they are making this pizza in regular rotation at their house now! CHANGE YOUR PIZZA GAME FOREVER!!!

    That is the goal of this class, and once you take just one bite, you will know this as truth! Have you ever tasted Detroit Pizza? This is not the same thing as standard run of the mill "deep dish pizza!" Detroit style pizza is a rectangular pizza with a thick crust that is crispy and chewy and it tastes like no other pizza that you have ever had! If you have been lucky enough to taste Buddy's Pizza or Shield's Pizza from the Detroit area, you know just how crave able and unique this amazing pizza is.

    I dare say this handcrafted pizza is even better than Buddy's, and I have eaten the original for years, even at the first Buddy's location in Detroit. In this class, you will receive your own beautiful and necessary brand new Detroit pizza pan to take home with you so you can continue on with your new Detroit pizza tradition (the pan cost is included in this ticket price).

    And you will learn how to make the incredible crust, which is very hydrated and soft and spongy, similar to focaccia bread, but this one is done with bread flour for more chew. The edges will be dark, and crispy and salty in a way you could only dream of! While our dough is proofing, we will make the homemade sauce (SO FLAVORFUL)! which is also unique to Detroit pizza, filled with aromatic garlic flavor, and thick rich tomato vibes...the sauce alone is a great recipe to have in your back pocket. And the cheese is also unique to this pizza, both the type (Wisconsin Brick Cheese), and the diced shape. The cheese helps form the dark crispy edges too (all corners please)!! The extra high oven temperature (500 degrees) on this are just what it needs to caramelize the crust and roast the ingredients, and there is also a method to the madness on the unusual order of toppings too, we will cover it all in class.

    The Cheese Lady in TC told me that they had gotten a huge surge in brick cheese sales when we were on a roll hosting these classes, so let's get them geared up again to sell brick cheese en masse! We will be making these with pepperoni, but it is delicious without the meat also if you prefer to leave that off, this pizza is so flavor filled that it stands just as well on its own too.

    Welcome to your new tradition, Friday pizza nights, or Saturday or Sunday pizza day, you name it, you will have the skills and the knowledge to start this new delicious and fun treat meal! (It will also help you to continue to develop your yeast bread knowledge each time you make it-bonus)!! You will take your pizza home ready to bake, so that you or your family can enjoy it hot right out of your oven. You will know exactly how to do that from class too!

    Adults 18+, maximum group size capped at parties of 4 please, capacity 16 students. Wine and beer will be available in class, cash or charge, outside beverages of any kind are not allowed due to liquor license laws. Arrive to class 15-30 minutes early to do your pre class prep list, and class will begin at 5:30pm sharp.


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