Artist-in-Residence Talk With Patricia Schaefer at Glen Arbor Arts Center

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    Painter Patricia Schaefer will discuss a new series of paintings that explore the human body and bodies of water she plans to create as part of her 2019 artist’s residency with the Glen Arbor Arts Center. The presentation is on August 30th at noon at the Glen Arbor Arts Center (GAAC).

    Each of the GAAC’s artists-in-residence gives a conversational overview of their residency. These presentations offer a chance to hear about the resident’s project, and the process they experienced during their two-week stay. Schaefer’s GAAC residency was a chance to explore the overlay of the human body in the landscape, as well as ask questions about how human bodies and bodies of water intersect and explore the political, environmental land existential questions that study prompts. San Francisco, California, is Schaefer’s home base.

    The GAAC artist-in-residence presentations are free and open to the public.