AI + The Arts: Just A Tool?


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    The Glen Arbor Arts Center celebrates human handwork in a time of machine dominance in its By Hand project. On May 4, the GAAC will host a panel discussion of generative artificial intelligence [AI], and its incursion into the arts. Visual artists Randy Melick, Tim Nielsen, Rufus Snoddy, and writer Bob Butz will talk about the role of AI in their work. The discussion begins at 1 pm and is facilitated by Anne Stanton, National Writers Series executive director, and Sarah Bearup-Neal, GAAC gallery manager.
    It is often asserted that AI is just a tool. In the May 4 discussion, the panel will explore a range of questions including their experience with AI; and weigh in on whether or not it’s a benign “tool.” Is AI art “art”? How does AI change the way we understand the visual and literary arts? What purpose does AI serve in the arts? What’s the purpose of turning over human creative work to a machine? What are the harms? Melick and Snoddy teach visual art and art history at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City. Nielsen is the former president of Nielsen Design Group, Traverse City, and now a studio practitioner. Butz worked for 20 years as a freelance writer, and is now the Senior Creative Copywriter and Creative Strategist for the Wisconsin-based Vortex Optics.
    .The By Hand project runs March 29 – May 30. The By Hand project enjoys the support of a Michigan Humanities Bridging Michigan grant. It is comprised of a series of visual art exhibitions and community conversations. For more information go to / EVENTS.