2020 NWS Fall Virtual Series: An Evening with Bob Giles

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    In When Truth Mattered, Bob Giles takes you inside the turmoil of the newsroom as bullets exploded at Kent State University, leaving four students dead and nine wounded. Giles was a young newspaper editor of the Akron Beacon Journal on the fateful day of May 4, 1970, when the National Guard fatally shot four college students. The heart-pounding story captures the flash of National Guard rifles and the stress of reporters trying to sort fact from fiction for a horrified world wanting to know why and what happened. Their efforts to reveal the truth — a tragedy that has haunted the nation for 50 years —earned the reporting team a Pulitzer Prize. 

    The guest host for this event is Cynthia Canty, an Emmy award-winning radio and TV journalist, anchor, and morning personality who most recently was the host of WUOM’s program Stateside.