Winter Comedy Arts Festival If you’re dreaming of warm, sandy beaches and endless sunshine, have no fear: the 2015 Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival is bringing you the best Valentine’s Day weekend imaginable right here in town. Who needs a mai tai and cute pool boys when there is a party with ice luges and frozen putt-putt golf in the middle of downtown Traverse City? (Wait a second...) Laughing at the Winter Comedy FestivalMy husband I have volunteered at the festival for the last two years, and it is always the highlight of our winter. Sure, the holidays are great, but I’d much rather ride a Ferris Wheel outside on a snowy night or ice skate in front of the State Theatre instead of waiting in line to return gifts. And, unlike awkward family gatherings, there’s a guarantee I’ll laugh until my sides hurt at one of the great comedians the Traverse City Film Festival crew manages to rope into braving the northern elements every year. Word must be out about how fantastic this festival is because HBO star Bill Maher is headlining the festival this year totally pro bono.  The festival’s fantastic reputation has also brought in Sinbad and producer/writer Judd Apatow for this year! Personally, I’m looking forward to Doug Benson commentating over the classic rom-com Pretty Woman. Scores of other comedians will join the ranks of the Winter Comedy Arts Festival when the full schedule is released, and you should always be ready for some surprise guest appearances! Comedy Festival Fun If staying warm and cozy inside is not your thing, that’s fine. One of the great things about this festival is that the fun fills Front Street during a time of year that most people hunker down indoors. A giant sledding hill is built in the road overnight, and a PGA-approved frozen putt-putt course challenges kids and golf pros alike. Most activities are accessible to all ages, but when the kiddies go to bed at night be sure to come back and check out the ice bar. The Comedy Festival takes place on February 13 and 14 this year, with the fun on Front Street staying until Sunday, February 15. Grab the kids, dog, significant other, best friend, or a total stranger and get to downtown Traverse City for this festival. Or, better yet, join the fun behind the scenes and volunteer, a surefire way to make a bunch of new (hopefully funny) friends. However you choose to enjoy the festival, you won’t be disappointed! You can check out all the events and activities on the Comedy Festival website. Mo Stych PR Photo   About the Author:  Mo Stych lives on the Old Mission Peninsula with her husband and five chickens. A big fan of all things northern and outdoorsy, you can often find her running, volunteering, or exploring in the Traverse City area. She is also a frequent writer on the Traverse City Young Professionals’ blog.