I am notorious for not finishing books. The problem is, I get attached. When I know the end is near, I am filled with sadness. Seeing the characters leave on that ship, they become smaller and smaller and then they disappear. If only there was a way to find out what happens next...

Does the same thing happen to you? Well, we just might find a solution here in Traverse City at The National Writers Series (NWS). What if you could meet the authors and ask them questions about what happens next, ask them to explain a scene you didn’t understand, or even inquire about the characters' personalities and actions? Well, you can! When just reading the book is not enough because you want to continue the conversation, head to the City Opera House where you can meet your favorite authors and have the opportunity to make that book last just a little longer.

Laurie King


Mystery and Sherlock Holmes fans will be delighted with the chance to see author Laurie King whose latest Sherlock Mystery is "The Murder of Mary Russell." She will appear on April 6th with guest host and local author Cari Noga author of "Sparrow Migrations." This is a big event for the NWS since Traverse City is the only Michigan city on Laurie's tour! On May 12, David Ebershoff will tell fans what it was like to start with an idea for the novel "The Danish Girl" that ultimately turned into an Academy Award-winning movie.  Traverse City's own New York Times Bestselling author Doug Stanton will also take the stage as the host for this event. The series continues into late spring with a visit from Brian Castner author of "All The Ways We Kill and Die" on June 2. 

As I await this season's lineup of exciting authors and lectures, I am recalling fond memories from Rita Mae Brown's visit last fall. Her talk was riveting, and she had the crowd on the edge of their seats! Little did I know that Rita rarely leaves her farm and seldom makes public appearances. When asked what drew her to the event, she indicated that she heard that Traverse City was "somewhere special." After her book signing, there was a small gathering where I sat with Rita and 10 others in the foyer of the City Opera House. What ensued was an informal, yet awe-inspiring conversation. It truly felt like we were all old friends. 

Rita Mae Brown
These events are inspiring for the participants, and the authors love them, too! Traverse City's burgeoning art scene, charming downtown, amazing restaurants and overall natural beauty are all reasons these literary stars rave about the NWS. 
The National Writers Series is a non-profit organization dedicated to holding conversations with today’s best authors and building the creative writing skills of youth.