It’s National Bike Month! We caught up with Kate Lewis of TART (Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation) Trails to hear how we can celebrate the next 31 days. Here’s what went down. 

Q: In your opinion, why does cycling deserve a month of recognition?

A: Because it's awesome! Having an entire month dedicated to cycling is a great way to get more folks out on bikes to reap all the rewards and benefits it offers. The more people out cycling, the more awareness it raises to other would-be cyclists that it's safe, to drivers that they are required to share the road and to policy makers that it is a need and a want in our communities.

Q: Upcoming additions to TART trails in 2018 that cyclists can get excited about?

A: TART Trails is thrilled to be celebrating its 20th year in 2018. There are many trail projects on the horizon to be excited about including progress on the Traverse City to Charlevoix Trail with segments in Fisherman's Island Park, Maple Bay to Elk Rapids and North Bayside Park to Deepwater Point Natural Area; a Three Mile Trail extension and the completion of the Boardman Lake Loop. Look for a groundbreaking ceremony sometime in the Fall of 2018.

Family on Bikes

Q: Why is Traverse City a great place to cycle?

A: We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful and safe region where so many of the people and places we care about are accessible via bicycle. Our trails, pathways and shared streets make it possible to get to where you need to go without ever getting into a car. Choosing your bike gives you more freedom of movement, it's the healthier option and it allows you to appreciate your surroundings even more.

Celebrate National Bike Month with these cycling events this May:

  • Traverse City Spring Bling, May 3: Group ride around town from Hull Park to The Little Fleet
  • Spring Pumpkin Pedal, May 6: 20 & 40 free group rides on Old Mission Peninsula, $2 beer after
  • Take A Mom Mountain Biking Day, May 13: 5 distances available, Timber Ridge Resort
  • Tails to Trails 5K, May 19: 5K fun run/walk with four-pawed friends on the Vasa Pathway

IT’S NOT MAY, BUT IT’S PRETTY CLOSE: Smart Commute Week, June 4-8