Traverse City is a place where the natural beauty will inspire you year-round. The landscapes and scenery take on a different meaning in each season. From winter's white wonderland to the vibrant summer hues, there's no color on the palette left unnoticed. With that said, it's often hard to choose visitor's photos to feature since there are so many amazing ones to choose from. For this roundup, I selected pictures that evoke memories and feelings -- ones that are meant to be shared. 


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There's something about this view that just begs for a photo. The stairs, the line of flow (in photography lingo), and the iconic Mission Point Lighthouse -- it's all one mighty good package! Add the sepia tones and the snow, so much snow, and this picture goes from a nine to a ten, just like that.

Speaking of snow...did you know that you can visit the Mission Point Lighthouse in the winter? Take a look at these suggestions on how to explore the park during its quiet season. 


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That sky, oh my! The contrast between light and dark in this picture is stunning. Mix in the drops of orange and yellow fall color and the picture almost takes on a new meaning. Look once and you see the moody sky, look twice and you see a scenic view of autumn's display. Either way, this photo definitely sucks you in to its incredible and slightly dark beauty. 

Need more? Check out this story about the High Rollaway, a tiny portion of the legendary 4,000-mile North Country National Trail system located just outside of Traverse City in Buckley. 

The double rainbow + a sunset...need I say more? Traverse City wine country exhibits beauty on its own, but when combined with Mother Nature's palette of colors, the view becomes magical. It's unlikely you'll find a unicorn or a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but you will find a tasty selection of local wines. For tips on wine tasting, take a look at this story from the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula. 


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Ah, summer on the Big Lake! We know the season has officially arrived when the Tall Ship Manitou is spotted in the Bay. As May comes to an end, I eagerly await the first sign of this stately vessel. The magnificent sails, and the little red flag on the top of the mast are typically noticeable from land, but this close up view from the water shows the ship in its true element. It just beckons you to join along on its next adventure...

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