Tell us a little about what a summer intern does at Traverse City Tourism.
Thankfully it’s not just getting coffee. I write blog and social media posts, shoot photo and video and help keep our website updated.

What did you do before Traverse City Tourism?
I’m currently going to school at Indiana University where I’m going to be a senior. So, before this, I was a waitress at Art’s Tavern – but a really good waitress at Art’s Tavern.

What do you love the most about working for Traverse City Tourism?
I have yet to meet an unpleasant person here, and everyone is eager to help out with whatever project I’m working on at the time. I’ve also gotten to learn a lot more about Traverse City and all the things there are to do here. There really is something going on all the time!  

What attractions, destinations, restaurants, etc. do you favor in Traverse City?
I’m a huge fan of Glen Lake. It’s gorgeous and incredibly clear, and the color of the water is more beautiful than anything else I can think of. The color changes with the weather, too, so every day it looks like it became more beautiful overnight. It’s also the perfect place for water sports, since my dad and I put in a waterski course each year and the lake typically clears out and gets perfectly smooth in the evening.

Glen Lake boating

What’s your favorite downtown lunch spot and why?
The Grand Traverse Pie Company. Hands down. They manage to make a simple turkey sandwich taste like luxury food. And the banana cream pie – there’s no describing it.

How you would you describe Traverse City to a first time visitor?
Adorable, beautiful, big but small. It’s hard to describe it while at the same time not sounding like you’re reading off of a script. The water and scenery really are beautiful, the culture really is friendly and full of originality.

What is your perfect day in Traverse City?
Does Glen Arbor count? Waking up and going waterskiing at 7 in the morning and, when I’m too exhausted to move, going to Art’s Tavern for some pancakes. No, really, the pancakes are amazing. Whenever I work an opening shift there I get some of the batter and eat enough pancakes to feed an army. Afterwards, I like to enjoy the lake for a while, whether it’s through wakeboarding or paddleboarding or just sitting in the sun and swimming whenever I get too hot. Once the lake calms down and the sun sets, it’s all about wakesurfing – it’s easy and you don’t even really need to see the water, so once it’s dark, you can still surf. After that, if I’m not dead with exhaustion, it’s nice to go grab a drink in downtown Traverse at North Peak, who brews some of my favorite beers. If you have a chance, you should really try their Archangel!

North Peak flight

If you could wish for a celebrity sighting on the streets of downtown Traverse City who would you want to see?
If by “sighting” you mean “staring,” I’ll go with Zac Efron.

What is your favorite season in Northern Michigan?
Summer. Spending a day on a beautiful lake waterskiing and wakeboarding is unbeatable.

Describe a memorable Traverse City moment/experience…
Once my friends and I decided to spend the night out on Big Glen Lake. It was really cold, but awesome – waking up to the breeze hitting our faces and the sun rising above the water was absolutely gorgeous. The birds were singing and flying over our heads and the lake was so calm you could see your reflection. I don’t think I’ll ever have a memory better than that.