It's official, cherry blossoms are in bloom! The beautiful displays started appearing last week and they are still going throughout many parts of the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas. There's also a lovely scene along the tree-lined streets of Downtown Traverse City. 

We anticipate there will be blossom-viewing for the next week or two. Once the cherries finish the apples will come into bloom. Orchards in the southern parts of the peninsulas will fade more quickly than those in the northern sections. To highlight last week's incredible beauty we've rounded up a few of our favorite pictures shared on Instagram. Take a look and get up here soon if you don't want to miss this year's blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms in Leelanau County

@tonybennett captured the scene in this Leelanau County orchard just beautifully! 

Cherry Blossoms on the Leelanau Peninsula

Briana from @northernwayoflife never misses a photographic moment especially when it involves blossoms in Leelanau County!

Blossoms in Downtown Traverse City
Cherry Blossoms Downtown

Downtown Traverse City has quite the display, too! @capturedbymakena couldn't get enough of the blossoms and we can't either!

Blossoms on Old Mission Peninsula

Let's not forget about the Old Mission Peninsula! This lovely shot from @laura.rigan looks like it could also be a painting. 

Where are your favorite places to see the blossoms?