Author: Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula

Jutting north between the azure arms of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay lies Old Mission Peninsula. Situated at the globe's 45th parallel – an ideal climate for growing varietal wine grapes – the eight distinct wineries that comprise the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula® and this stunning appellation have been well recognized by wine enthusiasts around the world. 


While you won’t see many harvesters in the vineyards this time of year, the behind the scenes work taking place in the wineries is just as important. In the cold winter months after the fruit has been picked and the vines pruned, your soon to be luscious Pinots, Cabernets and Rieslings sit patiently in bottles, barrels of oak and stainless steel tanks. Winemaking is a not only a craft but a science. 

The sunny days, cooler nights, and Mother Nature’s dazzling display make the fall a perfect season to meander up the Old Mission Peninsula. Stretching 19 miles north out into Grand Traverse Bay, and only four miles wide at the broadest point, Old Mission Peninsula is a breathtaking travel destination! Take in the frenzy of fall color and do a little wine tasting along the wine trail. Did we mention there are nine distinct wineries to visit?