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Touring the Blossoms

Motorcycle Tour

Sometimes a ride is more than just a way to get from one place to another. Especially when you’re riding on two wheels, there are times when the journey is more important than the destination.  And in those rare times when the journey and the destination are equally exciting, you know you’ve found a motorcycle paradise.

If you dream of riding roads that twist and bend around wooded hillsides, past lakes and bays of clear turquoise and deep blue, through towering sand dunes and small towns with rural northern charm, then point your bike to the Traverse City area. Here in the scenic countryside around Grand Traverse Bay you’ll find a riding experience to match those dreams.

The Traverse City area offers so many touring options that your toughest decision may be choosing a direction to turn to start your ride. But don’t worry -- the good news is that no matter which way you go, you’re guaranteed a great ride.

Just a short distance to the northwest of Traverse City, for example, M-22 provides a great day ride along the coastline of the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula. It’s a journey no biker will soon forget, but it will only whet your appetite to try other rides through this beautiful region, including the Old Mission Peninsula and Antrim County’s beautiful Chain of Lakes area. 

For great routes, download our Motorcycle Tour Guide below: