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Traverse City Beer Week

Traverse City Beer Week

Traverse City Beer Week 2014 takes place November 7 through November 14!

Traverse City is already known for its great craft beer, breweries and brewpubs. But did you know that we are also known for great events featuring beer?

Traverse City Beer Week (November 7th-14th) showcases a week-long series of events hosted in your favorite Traverse City establishments. Our breweries, restaurants and bars will offer unique beer events, featuring brewers and brewery representatives from our Great Beer State of Michigan and beyond. Click here for a complete list of events around the Traverse City area. 

Learn about the art of pairing beer with food, rub elbows with the very person that brewed your favorite beer, or experience a multi course beer dinner, presented by a team of talented chefs and brewers.

For up-to-date information and all of the latest events and details on what's happening during Traverse City Beer Week make sure to follow us on facebook or twitter

Are you a brewery or restaurant interested in hosting an event? Here's all the information you need about planning a TCBW event and the form for participation!


MLCC Reminder

Remember, if you are hosting an event at an off-premise location, please make sure all events surrounding Traverse City Beer Week are registered with the MLCC. It is the responsibility of the host location to register their event, so please be sure to submit the appropriate documents. This is a very simple process, that involves just sharing the type of event, date, time, and other details on an MLCC form, which can be found here.
















Planning Guide for Hosting a TCBW2014 Event