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About Traverse City Tourism

Organized in 1981 as the Traverse City Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Traverse City Tourism (TCT) is a nonprofit corporation that serves as the area’s official destination marketing organization. Its focused mission is to stimulate economic growth through the attraction of convention business and leisure tourism development.  

Traverse City Tourism works to enhance, reinforce and develop the Traverse City brand, telling the Traverse City story to potential visitors through advertising, marketing, tradeshows, publications, sales missions, media relations and Visitor Center services. Its experienced and knowledgeable team members are motivated by pride for their community and a desire to advance its economic wellbeing without sacrificing the values that make it such a special place.

Traverse City’s tourism economy continues to show strong growth – generating increased spending, employment and an enhanced quality of life for local residents, according to a study released by Anderson Economic Group of East Lansing in the fall of 2013. For more information, visit our Economic Impact page.